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Virginia Hard Rock Sensation AGONY CREEPS Sign Management/Artist Development Deal!


Newport News, VA   After two years of consistently mowing down audiences with a sound that has been described by critics as "all the punch of AC/DC and all the sharp edges of PANTERA", Virginia rockers AGONY CREEPS were signed to an exclusive Management/Artist Development deal with North Carolina's successful B2 Management & Artist Development.  B2 spokesman and Artist Management President, Craig Stegall announced today, Im very lucky; I really am.  Im truly amazed at some of the bands who allow me to be a part of their organization.  A little over two years ago I had the opportunity to work with DRILL-187 on their mega-successful radio, sales, and marketing promotions.  Then, last year I signed SLAVEMACHINE, possibly the best Aggro-Metal band Ive ever witnessed.  Now, I get a chance to work with AGONY CREEPS, a band Ive been a supportive fan of ever since I saw them play in March of 2003! They just blow me away.  Im such an advocate of bringing the riff back to heavy music, and this band does it like no other!  Marc Alwine is the best guitar player Ive heard in the past five years.  Stegall admits that his love for bands like BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, SEVENDUST, and old-school favorites MOTLEY CRUE are another reason why AGONY CREEPS were an easy sell when they brought their strong work ethic and clever D.I.Y. fan-base building skills to his office.  What can I say?  Im a sucker for bands that make me bop my head when I hear [them] play, Stegall says, A.C. just does everything right.  Its all there; the riffs, the drive, the technical skilland Id be selling them short if I didnt mention that theyre just cool guys.  They totally crack me up with their humor, their audiences are some of the most dedicated fans Ive ever seen in my life, and they arent afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty when it comes time to hit the road and bust their ass! 

Since the bands early Y2K beginnings, AGONY CREEPS have graced the pages of well-known music magazines like EDGE, Ninevolt, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles, Urotsukidoji, and more as well as enjoying small, but consistent rotation on powerhouse Virginia and N.C. radio stations WNOR-FM99, WRXL-102.1FM, WROX-99XFM, WKNC-88.1FM, and WDCC-90.5FM.  The band has also received verbal praise from DAVID LEE ROTH bands Ray Luzier, and ROB ZOMBIE bassist, Blasko, who went as far as to say, [Your tune] Emotionless is still my favorite song!  With success like that, one might wonder why a band like AGONY CREEPS would need Artist Management.  Drummer Jason Cofield (whom Stegall refers to as Lil Bonham due to his mammoth sound that resembles that of the late LED ZEPPELIN drummer John Bonham) says, I think this is going to work out great between [us and B2 Management]. Craig is more than just some guy whos gonna get us more gigs and get us heard by industry people.  Hes got a killer ear as a producer, hes a good songwriter, I think everybody knows hes a promotional genius, and hell, he used to play drums in a Hair Metal band way back in the day while I was still playing in the sandbox, Jason laughs hysterically, You gotta love that! 

In addition to Marc (lead vocals/guitar) and Jason (drums), the AGONY CREEPS includes bassist/back-up vocalist Bryan Ottaway whose incredible talent and skill recently won him Bassist Of The Year in the 4th Annual Ninevolt Magazine Music Awards.  For more on the band and their history visit their site,



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